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This band is trying to fund a tour by using Spotify against itself


German-American funk band Vulfpeck has a plan to make Spotify work for them, simply by getting fans to listen to an album of silence every night.


To explain: Spotify pays somewhere around $0.006 per song streamed, as long as the song has been played for over thirty seconds. The company’s…

This artist is so good with Photoshop, she uses it to time travel


For most that look at Chino Otsuka’s photos, the adult and child standing next to each other could be anyone; sisters, mother & child, aunt & niece. But they are both the same person, separated by twenty, or thirty years.

As part of an ongoing project, spanning years, Chino digitally inserts…

SFFWorthy is Upworthy for Science Fiction Fantasy


The SFFWorthy Tumblr applies the distinctively shouty Upworthy headline formula to science fiction movies. The result? Excellence.

Here are five of our favourites:

Star Wars


This Rookie Pilot Turned His Targeting Computer Off During A Fight. Then Something Incredible Happened.



After His Parents Are Murdered In Front Of Him, This Orphaned Millionnaire Does Something Amazing.